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“Programming languages for web development in 2021” What programming languages are popular this year? Would you choose Python, Java or C ++? We never really know what will happen tomorrow, but the days of 2020 are even stranger and more uncertain

What programming languages for web development are popular this year? Would you choose Python, Java or C ++?

We never really know what will happen tomorrow, but the days of 2020 are even stranger and more uncertain.

Some professional sports are resuming, with cardboard cutouts of fans in the stands, and notable athletes from around the world are opting to give up the season due to fears of COVID-19.

People normally crowd into airports on holiday, but most enjoy a “resort” this year, and there is the hunt for “killed wasps” and the ever-increasing phenomenon of “mask rage.”

Fortunately, there are things that are a little healthier, such as web programming languages ​​for web development.

Let’s look at the Top 10 for 2021

  1. Python

“The complex is better than complicated.” – Software engineer Tim Peters.

Python development has been around for three decades, but it is not collecting dust.

It is billed as a high-level programming language, easy to learn, and a mandatory skill for novice developers. Computer Society ranks Python#

There are many options available in Python for web development, such as Django.

Many of the industry giants in the world use Python for web pages, including Amazon, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Spotify, and Netflix. Can you imagine going through the quarantine without any of those companies?

  1. JavaScript

Without JS, planet Earth (or at least the online world) could be a fine … apartment.

This popular programming language adds pizazz to websites with video players, interactive maps, etc. JavaScript learning is used on both the server and the client.

JS uses functional language programming to provide the user with an interactive experience.

Wikipedia refers to it as “… one of the core technologies of the World Wide Web.”

Given the increased reliance on websites for communication, business, and learning during the pandemic, JavaScript is likely to remain a hot commodity in the job market.

JS is also seen as – not difficult.

  1. Java

No, it’s not a coffee and it’s not like JavaScript.

Java is seen as one of the most important programming languages ​​to learn, and experienced Java developers can order six-digit salaries.

YouTube uses Java, as do many social networking sites.

Remember when everyone was obsessed with Minecraft? (and many people still are) It was created using Java.

  1. C++

C++ is an object-oriented programming language; In game development, it makes it a preferred choice for developing high-end web applications such as Halo and Call of Duty video games.

Its complexity (for example, too many features) once made it one of the most difficult languages ​​to master; Java has become more popular.

Recently, C ++ has returned to become an important and preferred programming language in the web development industry.

  1. PHP

PHP has built its reputation on its ability to handle almost any project. Its dynamic language fits well with the development of web applications on the server. JavaScript, with its ability to develop client-side applications, has become PHP’s main competitor.

PHP allows strong server capabilities; Dominant companies like Facebook and WordPress rely on PHP.

  1. Go

It has been said well and true that a lion lives wherever it wants. Google’s dedicated programming language is now exploring the field of web software development.

Go was developed out of necessity when Google realized that today’s programming languages ​​cannot respond to their growing diversity of hardware and human resources.

Google has a prominent position on the web. Its commitment to continuous development will enable the high-level integration of Go and problem-solving in application development to achieve widespread popularity in the industry.

  1. Swift

Apple’s Swift, like Google’s Go, was born out of necessity: developing software for the web. And in 2014 he produced a programming language for iOS, macOS, iPads, etc. It is an ideal fit for Apple operating systems.

Swift is software for general-purpose iOS applications. He was a winner from the beginning. Developers have been involved in developing mobile applications for many Apple devices.

What did they like about that? Cross-platform, easy code maintenance, dynamic library, faster development and more.

  1. Ruby

Ruby is not the most popular person in web dancing – she was born in the 1990s – but she is extremely popular with novice developers. Especially those with fast productivity as a goal. High-paying job prospects make Ruby’s development very attractive.

It has a programming language that is dynamic, object-oriented, has an easy learning curve and much more. Works on multiple platforms; it is open-source, fast, and secure.

Also, its Ruby on Rails web development framework has disrupted the server-side web development industry.

  1. C

C has stood the test of time: from the 1970s to the present. Among the most widely used programming languages, it is probably the most disruptive and influential language ever, including many languages ​​on this list.

Many developers find C useful for writing system applications and software. Many programming languages ​​such as Ruby, PHP, and Python are written in C.

Does it have disadvantages? Yes. For one, his code is not portable. But it maximizes the strengths of the hardware. Do you want more? C is fast and strong.

10. SQL (Structured Query Language)

What does SQL do? Think of the data science industry. For server-side developers, it is essential for extracting data or details from complex relational databases

Scientists need SQL to extract information from relational databases (RDBMS) and to perform complex queries on the information. SQL is the main model behind many Big Data platforms. About hundreds of thousands of companies – large and small – use SQL. Microsoft SQL is one of the industry leaders

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