Progressive web applications: why your business needs it? 3 years ago

As time goes on, technology not only moves in the direction of making human life easier but also more efficient, allowing them to perform more tasks using Progressive web applications. One of the greatest contributions of technology in the world to the motto is mobile devices. The demand for mobile devices has increased since its introduction, in fact, today the user’s preference leans more towards mobile devices compared to ordinary desktop computers, which forces them to stay in one place.

80% of users used a mobile device to search the internet in 2020.- Quora Creative.

On the demand side, companies are constantly working to meet the needs of mobile device customers by developing various solutions, which are native applications, responsive websites, and the latest ongoing trend, which is the Progressive Web App (PWA).

Native applications are known for their phenomenal user experience, however, they come with device and platform dependency failures.

Responsive websites, which do not need to be downloaded and reduce dependencies, perform better, but the user experience is compromised.

The Progressive Web Application (PWA), a perfect blend of a responsive website and a native application, which chooses the best of the two approaches, is considered the best of the three. Users prefer faster or cheaper websites or applications (in terms of data usage), in fact, 53% of mobile visits take place due to a longer upload time, which is more than 3 seconds. , faster charging time, as well as permission to use it offline, fits perfectly into these criteria, subsequently attracting more users.

However, the question is, since you’ve been using the native app and websites for years, why should you opt for PWAs for your business? To clear the fog, let me highlight the features of progressive web applications and give you clear reasons to choose them for your business.

How can a progressive web application help your business grow?

Alex Russel, a Google engineer, and creator of progressive web applications (PWA) calls it a “Responsive, connectivity-independent, application-like, fresh, secure, discoverable, classifiable, installable, connectable” solution.

20% of companies will give up their mobile applications by 2020 – Gartner.

The prevalence of progressive web applications is expanding at a more remarkable rate and, in fact, is based on the possession of a larger market share in the coming years. Given its revolutionary concept and incredible features, many technological mammoths such as Twitter, Alibaba, Ola, etc. they have already incorporated progressive web applications into their business and are taking advantage of it.

Here’s what companies are saying about the experience of using PWAs.

After including Progressive Web App In 2020 as Twitter Lite, one of the best progressive web apps, Twitter has seen a remarkable benefit in its business. PWA, with a difference in size contrasting with the mobile app and reducing the use of data by up to 70%, showed a wonderful difference in the business by extending the number of tweets up to 75% and page meetings up to 65%, indicating clearly a better performance.

Pinterest, with about 300 million active users, is one of the most popular searched creative ideas websites. After opting for PWA, Pinterest noticed some visible changes in its business, such as a 45% increase in user-generated ad revenue, an increase in ad click rate to 50%, and an improvement. of user involvement.

Alibaba, one of the top markets, has incorporated the progressive web application into their business, and subsequent changes are worth mentioning, such as 4 times higher customer interaction rate, expanding web conversions to 76%, and increasing the number of customers.

This was just a look at the benefits of progressive web applications, which are already shouting about its potential. Check out the factors, how you can use PWAs for the benefit of your business.

Low development cost

The platform’s dependence on the application is a major concern for both the company and the users. Developing a native application for each target platform can prove to be an expensive process for a company, requiring it to invest the same amount of resources over and over again.

A progressive web application, without dependence on any platform, comes as a rescue here. All you need to run a PWA is just a web browser, making it compatible with multiple devices and preventing unnecessary investment in developing separate applications for each dedicated platform.

Wide customer coverage

Progressive web applications, making it easier to use the application on any device, regardless of the operating system or device configuration, have expanded their limits, subsequently extending customer coverage. Greater customer coverage can lead to greater conversion of potential customers – the ultimate reason for a company.

Another reason behind the expansion is its amazing website-like performance, including extraordinary, comprehensive speed and efficient data flow, making it eligible for search engine optimization. The native application, on the other hand, is difficult to discover because its data cannot be used for SEO purposes, therefore, in order to be found, it must be based on an exceptional idea.

App Store addiction

Successfully launching an app comes with a lot of challenges, including targeting the right audience, developing the app for dedicated platforms, i.e. Android and iOS, and following the app store guidelines, otherwise it can cause the app to be rejected. Not only that, even if your app is supported, then you are required to distribute approximately 30% of your App Store revenue to the app store board.

On the contrary, progressive web applications do not require launching on the Play Store or App Store, freeing you from all related issues, ie paying the commission or following each guideline,

Appearance and feel similar to the application

According to a survey conducted on Amazon in March 2019, 85% of e-commerce activity took place on the application and not on the Statista website.

The demand for mobile applications has always overshadowed websites. Users admire native applications for many reasons, such as the extremely easy-to-understand interface, the ease of using it offline, as well as a personalized experience.

The Progressive Web Application (PWA), which combines the best of both worlds, which is the application and the website, came out as a winner for users. Amazing them by offering the same look and feel as the native app and impeccable performance as the website.

Seamless user experience

The most important thing about the progressive web application is the seamless experience offered by the application to the user. With PWA, the user does not have to worry about downloading the application, optimizing memory, using data, or requesting application permission to connect to your business. Users can quickly access the browser, launch the website and continue with the services they want. A good experience leads to greater customer retention, thus benefiting your business.

How could a progressive web application change the game for your business?

Progressive web applications, a standalone, fast, and secure web-delivered application are certainly in line with current market demand, bringing higher ROI and more prominent leads. PWA not only leads to greater customer satisfaction but also adds value to the business. So now you know why companies are moving forward and opting for progressive web applications, and in fact, you may have decided to turn your idea of ​​customer coverage into growth by growing your business. If so, start and follow the instructions,to start your journey with Progressive web applications.

Identify the real purpose of your progressive web application.

  • Choose the right technology, such as React, Ionic, Polymer, etc.
  • Choose the most dominant essential features for your progressive web application
  • List the features you want to keep offline
  • Hire a progressive web application developer and grow your business.

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