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Website maintenance is an essential part of your web presence today.

Website design and implementation are just the beginning. Modern sites are complex collections of software that require regular attention and adjustments. And, just like the driver who neglects his car, the site owner who neglects his site will find that it works badly for them even when they need it, which pulls on all the cylinders.

As a business owner, you depend on your site to present your idea or product to the world around you.

Here are 5 ways in which website maintenance services are available for your company will make your business more marketable online.

  1. Software and security updates

The padlock of the websites was quite simple. At their core, they were simply a collection of static files that you upload to a server. However, a modern site is usually a database-based software platform. Each site is, in itself, an application. And, like any application on your computer, the software on your website needs to be updated regularly.

An update can improve the way your site works, but in most cases, it keeps your site safe. Improvements are made all the time in the back of the website software, as vulnerabilities are discovered on a regular basis. Your implications may not be obvious to you, but a company that provides you with website maintenance services will understand these changes and their importance. The end result is that your website will run smoothly and safely.

  1. A built-in disaster recovery plan

If you are currently running your own website, I want you to think for a moment – what would you do if your website were suddenly lost? The server on which your website is hosted may have crashed; maybe your site has been hacked and replaced with something completely different. How would you recover?

If your answer to this question didn’t come to you right away, you probably need help maintaining your website. The peace of mind of knowing that your site is being backed up on a regular basis is invaluable. These backups are the key that will allow professionals to repair your site and run it quickly – with as little downtime as possible – in case something never works. This is the difference between sleeping through a site disaster and asking your hosting provider for help (when they can’t)

  1. Fresh, updated content

Do you understand the importance of keeping the information on your site up to date and up to date? Websites that are updated more frequently are crawled more frequently by search engines. They show that the business is alive and well. They show that business owners are interested in what is happening in their markets.

However, if this is done incorrectly, the overall effect may be more negative than positive. Content must be properly formatted and presented, visually appealing, and easy to read. Images should be applicable to the content and integrated into the overall design. And the links need to work – broken links can have negative effects on your own SEO (Search Engine Optimization), as well as open you up to a whole host of problems.

Your website should validate and comply with W3C standards. Validation is a way to “standardize” the code that runs behind websites. Web crawlers pay attention to how “clean” your code is. Valid code is clean code, and clean code makes web crawlers happy.

But beyond all that, a site that contains broken or improperly formatted links can simply be seen as unprofessional. Would he have let you down by a restaurant with typos all over his menu? Would you make assumptions about owners and staff based on them? People do the same thing with your website.

Your website maintenance company will make sure that your content is properly formatted, looks good on your site, and contains functional links while working to improve your site’s search engine rankings

  1. Tracking the return on investment with Solid Analytics

If you want to maximize the return on investment on your website, you need to understand and interpret the data that your visitors leave behind for you. A website that still exists on the web does not produce visitors or revenue is a website. quite useless.

By using sound analytics and working with your website maintenance company, you can make sure you understand what your site visitors are up to and who they are. You can get information about what they do when they are there. And finally, you can find out why they do, or not, what they need to do during their visits.

The analysis of our site follows the real visitors – not the “robots” and “spiders”.

  1. Focus on your business.

New York Business Your main business is not web development or design. We also lack your level of expertise in your business.

So let us give you an idea there: you run your business and we will run your website. You do what you do best; whether it’s business development, sales, generating new ideas or anything else that makes you go. We will do what we do best – we will run and maintain your website. You grow your business and we will make sure that the web part of the company is neat.

You shouldn’t worry about whether or not to back up your site. You shouldn’t consider the idea of ​​your site disappearing from the web and you don’t know what to do about it. You shouldn’t worry if a seemingly innocent mistake in a blog post is something that would cost you search engine rankings.

Our website maintenance services are the key to not having to worry about these things. Free your mind so you can run your business.

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Your confidence in your site and the technology behind it should be strong. We can build that trust and increase the efficiency of your company’s website. Contact us today for more information about our website maintenance services.

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