How to install a free SSL Certificate on WordPress website using Let’s Encrypt? 3 years ago

Wordpress Encryption – One Click Free SSL Certificate & SSL

What is SSL?

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. SSL Certificate creates an encrypted layer of data transmission between the two systems. It is an internet protocol for securing data transfer between a user’s browser and the website they are visiting.

How Does SSL Work?

The encryption of the transmitted data makes sure that all information remains private. Hackers cannot interpret and steal personal information such as Credit Card Numbers, etc. transmitted under the secure layer. If a website is SSL secure, a padlock icon appears in the address bar before the web address.

When a user visits an SSL/HTTPS website, their browser first verifies if the website’s SSL certificate is valid.

If everything checks out, then the browser uses the website’s public key to encrypt the data. This data is then sent back to the intended server (website) where it is decrypted using the public key and a secret private key.

Let’s Encrypt On WordPress

You can get an SSL from Let’s Encrypt for your WordPress website in many different ways. It is advisable to make your website secure with an SSL certificate, especially when it is free now. Besides improving your website’s security, it also helps to build trust among your readers, customers and clients. It can also have a positive impact on your search engine ranking.

WordPress Plugins

There are a few WordPress Plugins, such as WP LetsEncrypt – One Click single/wildcard Free SSL certificate & force HTTPS, that allow you to create an SSL certificate with Let’s Encrypt. However, none of them appear to be actively supported, and it is preferable not to use plugins that can act as potential cracks for your website.

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