Tips for designing an effective landing page in 2021 1 year ago

Tips for designing an effective landing page in 2021

Industries around the world have moved their online marketing campaigns. Landing pages help companies create effective marketing strategies to promote their products and services. A landing page is an important part of the design development process and aims to attract visitors and drive them further into the conversion funnel. The landing page design must be flawless, and we’ll talk about that in this article.

How can you design a landing page efficient enough to convert visitors and get them to buy or subscribe?

Provide discreet content

The content on your landing page should be targeted, highlighting your unique value proposition (UVP). The content you offer will depend on the type of product or service you are selling. Remember that you have about eight seconds to convince users that your offer is worth pursuing. Excessive information can overwhelm visitors and cause them to leave the page immediately.

Talk to your audience using simple language and tell them how you can improve their lives.

Here are the text elements with the highest conversion.


The header is the first text your visitors see. It’s one of your first opportunities to influence your conversion rate. Use a title that clearly indicates the greatest benefits that your product offers. In the title, tell your visitors exactly what they can get on your landing page.

Sub Header

The most effective landing pages indicate what is offered with the title and use the subtitle to further explain the offer and distribute UVP. Subtitles can present everything you offer in a new light. Some landing pages choose to push their value propositions to the header and use subtitles to discuss actual offers

Call to action

Provide captivating, clickable urge buttons that encourage visitors to buy, sign up, request a demo, or do something else. The best option is to place the CTA at the top and bottom of the page so that users don’t have to scroll to the bottom to click. Or you can add a floating CTA button that is always visible. Your CTA buttons will look great if they change color or include animations to entertain visitors, adding to the overall impression your brand aims to create.


It is absolutely essential that your unique value proposition is clear and convincing. To do this, you can list your benefits using the dot format. Benefit bullets are concise descriptions of a product or service that make it stand out. Indicate first the strongest benefit of your product and the lowest benefit of it, presenting to the target audience a so-called hierarchy of values. The list of bullet points should not belong: five to seven points will do so as not to overwhelm your users.

Forms of lead generation

When designing a landing page, keep your forms short and ask for only essential information. As a marketer, you want to collect as much data as possible. However, when it comes to creating a good landing page design, follow the “less is more” principle. Remember that you can always request more information on the thank you page. Users generally do not mind providing their names and email addresses. However, requesting phone numbers or birth dates, when not required, may prevent visitors from completing these fields for fear of imposing text messages and phone calls. The best way to determine which length of the form works best for your business is to test it yourself.

Keep it simple

A good landing page design is minimalist and attractive, featuring non-intrusive information. To avoid bypassing people with redundant visuals, use a simple, clean design with plenty of white space that keeps people on your product and calls to action. Choose a large font to make it easier for visitors to read and understand what your landing page means. Also, make sure that your design does not increase the page load time.

Provide attractive images

Photos can improve the way visitors interact with your offer in the same way as text. The ability to visualize reason allows people to process and interpret the meaning of what they see. Visual requests can provide additional information to your visitors. Provide high-quality photos that show the best parts of your product or service. Make sure you hire a photographer who knows visual techniques to give you transforming photos.

Create a trustworthy identity

Include all the trust signals you can show visitors that your offer and brand are reliable. Most sites display social evidence in the form of a customer list, press releases, usage statistics, and testimonials.

Good landing pages make extensive use of testimonials, trust marks, and badges. Testimonials are considered a classic sign of trust that reassures visitors. Trusted badges include logos of the famous brands you’ve worked with, recommendations and recognitions you’ve received, and the groups and coalitions you belong to. All of these approval stamps will give customers more confidence in your brand and encourage them to go down the conversion funnel.

Perform A / B testing

It is not enough to just create a landing page. You also need to test if it works well. To see if your landing page can generate conversions, you need to perform A / B testing to collect valuable analysis about how users interact with your landing page.

What to test depends on the origin of your traffic, the final goals that you can set in the test tool. For example, you can test how often visitors clicked a button, watched a video or submitted the lead form. You can also see how users landed on your page and what type of device they were using. To understand if your landing page is converting, you can use Google Analytics or the Hotjar tool.

You can perform A / B testing on the following:



Images and graphics

Buttons (layout, text, and location)

Press quotes

Placing page elements (blocks)

Navigation links

Follow the principles of mobile-first

To expand their coverage, brands have adopted mobile strategies for the first time, as half of all web activity comes from mobile.

Your landing page should have a responsive design to help you increase your conversion rate. An effective landing page should look great on mobile devices, load quickly, and be ultra-clickable

Encourage social sharing

Include social sharing icons so that your customers can spread the word about your brand. Social sharing icons become a kind of word-of-mouth promotional campaign. To avoid congestion, use only buttons for social platforms that your target audience uses. Be sure to add an email forwarding option, as people still like to share things, either email.

Create your own landing page

Industries, as well as individual entrepreneurs, realize how essential it is to have an online presence to connect with users. Landing pages differ from the homepages of websites and are a unique opportunity for companies to build customer-centric marketing campaigns.

The key is in how professionally designed they are. Remember that landing pages that are technically good must also have well-structured content to increase your conversion rate.

Every detail matters, because it has an impact on the visitor. The simpler and simpler a landing page is, the more likely it is to convert users into potential customers.

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