A / B testing: How it works and why you need it for website performance ? 1 year ago

A / B testing: How it works and why you need it for website performance ? Data is everywhere. Whether you're an individual, a small business, or a multinational company, Adlivetech have to deal with a lot of data, including customer data needed to respond to customers and improve your profit.

Data is everywhere. Whether you’re an individual, a small business, or a multinational company, Adlivetech has to deal with a lot of data, including customer data needed to respond to customers and improve your profit using A/B Testing .

Marketers use a variety of techniques to increase profits. Of course, not all techniques can work or not all can be as effective.

A campaign based on suspicion or sentiment needs numbers, but they may not always be clear. This is why companies need A / B testing, a unique method that helps companies choose the right path.

A / B testing can be defined as a method of comparing two options used to do the same thing to find out which one performs better.

Adlivetech uses A / B tests almost every day and the technique is said to be over the years. However, it is now becoming more and more popular due to the introduction of online marketing.

Marketers use A / B tests to compare two marketing methods to find the one that offers the best return on investment however, this is not the only use of A / B testing.

What are the benefits of A / B testing?

Now that you know the definition of A / B testing, it’s time to look at the main benefits of AB testing.

Save money

A / B testing allows companies to save money by identifying processes that offer better returns. No two marketing campaigns offer similar profits, one will always be better than the other.

With the help of A / B test data science, companies can find the option that offers better returns and get rid of the process that offers lower returns, and can spend money where they pay more.

Increase Profits

As the definition of AB testing points out, it helps increase profits by improving conversions and enabling the business to reach more people. About 60% of companies believe that it helps to improve conversion.

In addition, A / B test results can improve rejection rates and increase involvement. These factors are important to help a business grow. At the end of the day, businesses start earning more money due to lower costs and higher sales.

Helps identify problems using A/B Testing 

Many marketing campaigns fail because of small errors. The best A/B testing tools can recognize these errors so that a business can run smoothly.

It can help identify any issues, such as poor UX design. This is important because a better design can increase your conversion by up to 400 percent.

Improves content

Despite what everyone says, the content still reigns supreme. The problem, however, is that there are a lot of options to choose from, including written content, visual content, A/B Testing, and so on.

You can’t always be sure what will work and what won’t, if you don’t have a reliable analysis of A / B test data.

Makes analysis easier

About 77% of companies run A / B tests on their websites (including landing pages) to identify design, font, and other such issues.

This helps to reduce the basket drop by highlighting the causes that cause buyers to drop a basket. There can be a variety of reasons, such as poor appearance, hidden costs, and so on.

With A / B testing, companies can find the real cause and work on it.

More involvement

Companies are looking for followers and buyers involved, so it’s no surprise that 59% of companies run A / B tests on emails. It can help companies identify what kind of content works best so they can focus more on it.

How does A / B testing work?

A / B testing may sound like a complex phenomenon, but it’s actually very simple. The first step is to decide what you want to test and why.

Suppose you want to test the size of the “Buy Now” button on your site to see how many people “buy” if you change the size, that is, make it bigger or smaller. Once you are clear on what you want to test, you need to be sure of how you will evaluate your performance using A/B Testing.

How many people click on the button, for example, can be a good indication of how the size of the button affects perception.

The decision to click depends on several factors, such as the size of the button, the color of the text, the device it is using. For clarity, you can divide your users into specific groups, namely: mobile users and desktop users.

This is because the same button may appear different for mobile users and different for desktop users. This way, you’ll be able to know which button to serve certain users.

“The A / B test can be considered the most basic type of randomized controlled experiment,” says Kaiser Fung, the man behind several books, including Number Sense: How to Use Big Data to Advantage.

Adlivetech – A / B testing and results: How to interpret?

This was a basic example. In the real world, will not only check the size but also other factors, including the text, position, and color of the button.

A / B test analysts are known to perform sequential tests to compare different elements. They will first test the size of the button (small or large), then change the color (red or blue), then the position (up or down), and so on.

This helps them to reach a version of the page that is perfect. This is important because changing several factors at once can make it difficult to conclude which changes in behavior (ie the number of clicks).

However, Adlivetech now has A / B testing tools that can handle complex testing.

A / B testing: mistakes to avoid

Here are some of the most common A / B testing mistakes. Make sure you avoid them:

Completion of tests too soon

It is believed that approximately 57% of experimenters complete A / B tests once it appears that their initial hypothesis has been proven. Known as p-hacking, it is a form of inflation bias that is considered “selective reporting” and can lead to poor results.

It is important to let each test take its course, even if you can see the results in real-time.

Not having a decent sample

A / B testing requires approximately 25,000 visitors to reach a significant sample, according to this VentureBeat article.

Unfortunately, most marketers use a smaller sample size, which is not a true representation of the total population, so the result becomes “unreliable”

Too many values

Although complex tests are useful, they may not always be effective. Looking at too many values ​​at once can lead to “false correlations”.

Even if your software offers too many values, you need to know which ones to focus on. This will help you avoid random fluctuations and allow you to focus on the numbers that matter.

A / B testing: Conclusion?

Simply put, A / B testing is used to compare two options and find the one that works best. Don’t let anything get in the way, try Adlivetech if you’re looking for user-friendly A / B testing software and watch your profits grow.

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